Daniel Mahoney - Graphics

aniel Mahoney is a Detroit native who trained as a filmmaker, actor, and scenic artist. Daniel worked with Paul Gray on his film, EVERYMAN, back in New York State. More recently, Dan, now specializing in graphic design and motion graphics, joined Paul to help develop the motion graphics for the interactive STEINBECK & CO. Dan continued the collaboration, working on the films THE BALLAD OF DOROTHY DUNN, now being readied for distribution, and IN SEARCH OF ELEANORA DUSE and CAFÉ DEL MUNDO, projects currently in development. Dan finds the long-distance relationship challenging, but it's been working out well. "Since Paul specializes in creating vivid imagery, working with him on creating effects has given me a chance to travel beyond the borders of conventional graphic design.”

Daniel has designed the graphics for the many lobby card posters appearing on this website. Several of his motion graphic designs can be seen on the site as well.

Daniel can be contacted at: ohoola@mac.com