Script Consulting

Paul Gray has a rare talent for structuring the major events of a movie - a talent you may want to tap into, as others have in Hollywood and overseas. His credits tell us he has analyzed the problems of scores of scripts, outlines and treatments for writers, producers, directors and project developers of both high and low budget films. We know that Gray strikes deep into the guts of a story. We know he defines and clarifies such necessary components as recognition and revelation scenes, character objectives, rising action, climactic endings - all in terms of a central agon (the dramatic issue at the heart of the work). Rather than tear down, he suggests building blocks for the writer to work with. Operating from his California base, Gray makes his specialty available to writers and to those charged with developing scripts around the country and overeas. He employs adjustable rates and often accomplishes much of his work on-line.”

"In twenty-five years of producing theatrical movies and TV stories for the U.S. networks, I have never encountered anyone who succeeded as well in finding the keys in a screenplay or teleplay that enabled us to unlock the elements necessary to powerfully dramatize the stories. Paul's work on "Macbeth in Africa" and "Alexander the Great" is not only wonderful, but his kind of work is not to be found anywhere. As a creative script consultant, Paul Gray is without peer.
- Zev Braun, Twice Nominated Academy Award Producer

Paul Gray has consulted on more than 100 scripts for majors and independents. Here is a partial listing drawn from his Hollywood experience:

  • A GIRL LIKE ME: THE GWEN ARAUJO STORY. Lifetime Channel. Several men are on trial for killing a transgender teenager after discovering the pretty girl they'd had sex with was biologically male. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION OF SCOTT PETERSON: THE AMBER FREY STORY. CBS. High profile murder story that attracted national attention.
  • EDGES OF THE LORD. Miramax. Filmed in Poland by the Braun Entertainment Group. Feature starring Haley Joel Osment and Willem Defoe. ON SCREEN CREDIT.
  • THE NATALIE COLE STORY, NBC MOW, on the relationship between the singer and her father, the legendary Nat King Cole. Televised in December, 2000.
  • Consultation on TWO UNTITLED SCRIPTS (Dev) for Bruce Gilbert, Producer (with Jane Fonda) of “Coming Home,” “9 to 5” and “On Golden Pond.”
  • BUDDHA, THE MAN. Waco Productions, Japanese-American epic biopic (dev.). Script by Robert Bolt (of "Lawrence of Arabia" fame). N.B. Also appeared in London as an expert witness in a legal action concerning the contracted director, Bernardo Bertolucci.
  • ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Turner Network mini-series. Epic biopic of the enigmatic world conqueror (dev.)
  • RENOIR. Independent biopic of the great 19th Century impressionist artist (dev.)
  • THE CRADLE WILL ROCK. Touchstone Pictures. Mark Blitzstein’s biting political opera. Consulted on the original Orson Welles script (dev.). Not to be confused with the Tim Robbins production.
  • HANNIBAL. Independent Mini-series biopic of the brilliant and legendary 2nd Century general. Dramaturg for the Braun Entertainment Group (dev.)
  • THE MENENDEZ BROTHERS. Mini-series produced by CBS. Dramatization of a horrible crime of patricide and matricide and the trial that captured the headlines of the nation. Starred Edward James Olmos. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • BLAZE. Touchstone Pictures biopic of the controversial Gov. Earl Long of Louisiana, starring Paul Newman.
  • JOHN THE BAPTIST. Utah Consortium. Epic biopic of the legendary Christian Prophet (dev)
  • TOUR OF DUTY. Long-running television series of Vietnam War dramatizations. Ran for three years on CBS.
  • MOVING VIOLATIONS. Rollicking Twentieth Century Fox comedy featuring Jennifer Till, Consultant to the Director. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • BRAINSTORM. Warner Brothers ground-breaking SFX thriller starring Christopher Walken and Louise Fletcher
  • WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? Columbia Pictures. Mary Higgins Clark mystery starring Jill Clayburg. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • WEEKEND WARRIORS. Independent. Outrageous antics of a National Guard unit during the Cuban Missile Crisis, starring Lloyd Bridges. Served as Creative Consultant to the Director, Bert Convy, for the run of the production. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • BACHELOR PARTY. 20th-Century Fox top-grossing farce starring Tom Hanks. Served as Creative Consultant to the Director, Neal Israel, for the run of the production. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • THE VOYEUR. Philips Corporation. (CD ROM) Script consultant for the prize-winning interactive erotic game starring Robert Culp. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • UNDERGROUND FATHER. CBS Movie-of-the-Week. Cast included Chris Noth, William Macy and Natalie Cole. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • THE MORMON MURDER MYSTERY. HBO. True crime television miniseries (dev)
  • WHO KILLED MARTIN LUTHER KING? Investigation into the death of the famed civil rights leader (dev)
  • TEREZIN. Braun Entertainment Group. A stirring humanistic “happening” created at the notorious Nazi concentration Camp (dev)
  • BIG TIMES. Independent. A Melvin Van Peebles script (Dev)
  • MEKIBETHI (“Macbeth in Africa”). Independent. The Shakespearean tragedy as set in Africa (dev) - Script dramaturg for the Braun Entertainment Group
  • A DAY AT THE RACES. Independent. Rediscovering the Marx Brothers (dev)
  • THE BARBER. Independent. Mafia story developed for Robert DeNiro (dev)
  • LETHAL VOWS. CBS. True crime Movie-of-the-Week starring John Ritter. ON SCREEN CREDIT
  • THE DYBBUK. BEG. Supernatural Hebrew lore. Script dramaturg (dev)
  • THE BLACK PANTHERS. HBO. Dramatization of the 60’s black activist group and its leaders, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, etc. (dev)

Paul Gray is currently expanding his services on the world wide web to include individual authors and screenwriters from around the country and overseas.