Victor Solanoy - Site Designer, Webmaster

Victor received a degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California.

He specializes in User Experience Design, analyzing how people use technology in order to design friendly interfaces that will allow them to accomplish their goals. He works in the high tech industry in the Silicon Valley helping clients to create and design their corporate or personal websites. He is also an accomplished photographer, both freelance and commercial.

Victor has been involved with Atelier Pictures for more than ten years, working on their initial explorations and cyber designs for Steinbeck & Co, their interactive multimedia project. He also collaborated with Paul Gray to put up a special interactive show for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Burbank.

He has always been the web designer and webmaster for Atelier Pictures, including their past satiric Masked Man and the prize-winning Lumière websites.