About Us

Atelier Pictures is an independent motion picture producing and development entity headed by husband and wife team, Paul and Gretchen Gray. Located on the Central Coast of California, with an office in Beverly Hills, the company is devoted to the development and production of original digital movies and interactive projects. A network of Atelier film artists from around the country have contributed to the company’s projects, many of them on-line.

Paul Gray is an original interactive multimedia conceptualist and director, and noted story specialist and problem solver.

  • As multimedia conceptualist and director, Paul originated the concept of the “trigger mechanism”, inspiring audience/viewer participation in interactive media events:
  • As noted story specialist and problem solver, Paul continues as one of Hollywood’s foremost script consultants with more than 100 scripts for major studios and Independents. He has received on-screen credits for much of this work.

More on Atelier Pictures

In the tradition of Griffith/Gish and Godard/Karina, the Grays have partnered in their effort to exploring and extending the frontiers of filmmaking. Paul Gray, listed in the “Who’s who in American Theatre”, is devoted to exploring new forms and extending the frontiers of filmmaking. Gretchen is a featured player in most of Paul’s plays and films, in addition to being a writer and sound designer. Much like D.W. Griffith’s progression from Biograph one-reelers to longer features, Atelier Pictures has produced a number of festival quality 15-30 minute short films. Atelier Pictures will be distributing four of these short films on DVD in 2007 as Three Shades of Gray. The company is currently exploring the ground floor relationships and investments necessary to realizing these efforts.

More Information About Atelier Pictures and their Projects

All Atelier Pictures projects are developed in-house or by close contact. We do not accept unsolicited scripts. We will be building compact on-call pre-production, production and post-production ensembles. Film artists wishing to join or contribute to the company’s projects are urged to contact us via email (atelierpictures[at]yahoo.com ). Internships may also be available.

On occasion, the company will accept commissions to produce fictional or documentary pieces with interesting subject matter or genres.