In Production: La Duse - Glimpses...

Silent film style, but with music and voice over narratives.

Directed and edited by Paul Gray. Narration and key scenes by Gretchen Gray (as Duse). DVD.

10 minutes.

Ask any hundred people who Eleanora Duse is and perhaps only one of them will know. Atelier Pictures will attempt to change that statistic by introducing contemporary audiences to "La Duse"!

An extended trailer / informational for the LA DUSE project, introducing the mythical and mystical Eleanora Duse (1858-1924), one of the greatest actors of all time. A montage of fleeting images of her life in art, her triumphs and her tours, including several rarely- seen clips of La Duse herself – “glimpses” into the wellspring of her enormous talent - all setting the stage for “In Search of Eleanora Duse,” the full-length motion picture to follow.